How are you approaching the New Year in terms of your SEO strategy? If you’ve yet to do much at all to help in this sense, we’ve got some crucial search engine optimisation tips that might help.

SEO isn’t something you can ignore nowadays. There are too many search engine algorithms, too many challenges and too many potential customers trying to find a site like yours to simply let your website jog along as it is. If you know your site has been doing just that, there has never been a better time to be more pro-active.

Optimise for mobile

optimise for mobileMobile-friendly sites are even more important in 2015 than they’ve ever been before. Mobile optimisation means making sure your website is viewable on every type of device. This is done by opting for a responsive design that will instantly respond according to whether someone is viewing it on a tablet or a smart phone. With a responsive design you will help minimise the number of people who might leave your website, because they can’t easily navigate pages and sections when browsing on a tablet or mobile .

However, it could also help rank your site more highly in Google. The search engine giant is now considering mobile-friendliness as a factor when ranking sites. Thus, responsive websites may get ahead of the competition when compared on this factor alone.

Get social

get socialSocial media sites have been around for several years now. Many businesses of all sizes are now focusing on making social media an essential part of their branding strategy. And again, the more visible your business is on social media sites, the more likely it is your search engine rankings will improve as a result. Signs that a company is active in terms of its social media engagement can help influence how highly-ranked that business is. It’s time to get on Facebook and Twitter etc to make an impact.


Standing apart from your competition or having a “USP” will be as important throughout 2015 as it has always been. As such, corporate branding is vital to get right this year.

As you might imagine, branding will come through in various ways. You can make sure your business brand is promoted through all kinds of channels, including of course social media channels. Being visible and engaged with your audience on Facebook, Twitter and so on will help you express your brands ethos. As such, all forms of brand marketing is a key issue to focus on this year.

Content reigns as king

content is kingKeywords are becoming steadily less important as time goes on and more Google updates come to the surface. Cheap content, written around keywords and with no real meaning to it, is sure to go the way of the dinosaur. Now it is all about providing blog posts, resources for your visitors and numerous pages filled with worthwhile and relevant content.

Indeed, if you do one thing this year, make sure it relates to solid content your visitors will find useful or want to read. You can no longer ‘cheat’ the search engines by providing content that merely includes the right words. If you want to tackle search engine optimisation that will work in 2015 you need to make sure your content is working for you across all channels.

As you can see, there is much to think about when creating an SEO strategy that will work for your business this year. The best way to begin is to see how well you’re matching up to the areas mentioned above. You’ll see where you need to make improvements and which areas demand the most attention. Very soon you could achieve more than you ever thought possible by utilising SEO.

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