Specialist Pumping Products
Website: www.gandgpumps.co.uk

G&G Pumps is based in Sandbach, Cheshire and sells a wide range of specialist pumps for sewerage treatment. They also provide a range of pumping stations, rainwater kits and grease management products. Customers can also buy a wide range of assorted spares of all kinds on their ecommerce website.

While more than 95% of the UK population can rely on a connection to the main sewer system, the remainder must rely on another method for dealing with wastewater. With each individual generating around 150 litres of wastewater on a daily basis, those who do not have a connection to the main wastewater system of sewers must have another reliable method they can use to deal with it. Similarly while 99.9% of sewage is nothing but water, the equipment required to handle waste in properties and small areas where there is no direct connection to the sewer system must also be able to handle solids.

G&G Pumps provides a wide range of equipment in this area to help those who need their own way of removing wastewater from their properties. They sell leading brands including KSB Pumps, Lowara Pumps and Conder and WPL sewage treatment plants.

Styles Creative has been working with G&G Pumps for just a short time, as they are a relatively new client. However they are already going from strength to strength with their online strategy and we are proud to have the opportunity to work with them to help them achieve their aims in this area.

The Styles Creative team initially produced a new ecommerce website for G&G Pumps. Previously they had never sold online. This has enabled them to begin selling niche products very successfully on the internet. Their website has specific sections to allow people easy access to shop for pumps, rainwater kits and much more besides.

G&G Pumps Website

Services Provided:

  • Magento Ecommerce Web Design
  • Ecommerce Website Maintenance
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Pay Per Click Management (PPC)
  • Consultation and Reporting

They also have another business called Soma Services. This handles specialist projects so while they can supply parts to the trade they can also take on specific projects alongside selling through their new G&G Pumps website.

We have been able to fulfil the aim of G&G Pumps to start selling online and their new website is doing well. We provide ongoing consultation services to ensure their website is kept up-to-date, and to advise them of other measures they could take to enhance the results they are already seeing.

We feel the relationship between Styles Creative and G&G Pumps will lead to them going from strength to strength. We are also able to provide them with ongoing search engine optimisation services to ensure they receive ongoing organic traffic to their new site. Alongside the organic traffic flow the Styles Creative team has also launched a pay per click campaign on their behalf. This enables them to see instant traffic from the campaign.

We have every confidence that the relationship with G&G Pumps will continue to provide them with the results they seek long into the future.