Our latest ecommerce website development, www.wedding-rings.co.uk, has recently gone live, benefitting from a complete overhaul and Magento e-commerce integration.

Actinic to Magento

While it hasn’t had a redesign, the site has been brought over to the Magento platform from Actinic and has benefitted from a few tweaks and improvements as necessary to improve functionality. The integration of the Magento platform has allowed for easy management of the site through the online admin area and dashboard, making it simple for the client to make changes and tweaks thoughout the site. Magento enables the client to add, edit and remove products as well as editing pages and managing orders received.

Dynamic Products

Not only that, the Magento platform is great for SEO, giving the client easy control over all meta data. Also a metal keyword matching system was developed for the product gallery, allowing multiple keywords to be associated to each product image. This system allows for a dynamic product gallery which loads relevant images in real-time based upon the products selected metal option and/or exclude specific images if no metal option is selected.

Further development was carried out to allow for a layered navigation, meaning the customer could filter products by metal, profile, width and depth in order to find exactly what they’re looking for. The website visitor was indeed the focus of this project, so it was only fitting they should be at the forefront of all of the work carried out.

Dynamic Pricing/Weight

It was also important that the site be easily managed through the back end, leading to the dynamic pricing/weight system that was developed. This allows the pricing and weight to be controlled through a single file, meaning they update in real time based on the product options the customer has selected. What’s more, each metal was given a set pricing, allowing each product to be updated with minimal changes and generally making the whole system (both front- and back-end) more fluid and user friendly.

Secured By Sagepay

All of the transactions taken through the new site benefit from the secure Sagepay payments that the site uses. This gives the customer confidence in their payment and in disclosing their details, as well as giving the webmaster confidence against fraudulent activity with Sagepay’s unrivalled security measures. What’s more, international payments are now being taken through the site, opening up the market overseas.

If you’d like to see this site for yourself, just head over to www.wedding-rings.co.uk