House Extension Online, a much-loved portal for home extension news and advice, has been given a full refurbishment by Styles Creative. The internet marketing agency has completely re-designed the website and updated its content, bringing the advice-based DIY portal’s large user base up to speed on the latest developments in home building and other related topics in a more visually appealing and accessible format. The new look and extra content means that the website, which has been a mainstay of the online DIY community for over ten years, finally has a profile that matches its importance to homeowners who are thinking of extending their property.

With the content divided into clear sections, the new House Extension Online provides homeowners and aspirational do-it-yourselfers with a comprehensive guide to the process of getting a house extension, covering everything from planning permission and building regulations to materials and costings for those all important finishing touches. The pages of the website’s main content are filled with impartial advice, links to useful organisations and up to minute cost estimates. With main sections on how to get a house extension, windows & doors, conversions for lofts, basements and garages and the array of renewable energy technologies available, the sheer amount of information available is exhaustive and yet easily accessible. Much of the content has been added to the existing material by Styles Creative’s editorial team working closely with experts in the field, ensuring that the information on the website is current, relevant and up to date.

The new House Extension Online is not only a source for official information and expert advice. Recognising that when it comes to house extensions some of the most valuable advice can come from those with firsthand experience, the website features a house extension forum in which members can ask specific questions and find answers from other homeowners as well as professionals. The Forum has been an integral part of House Extension Online for many years, and now boasts thousands of threads on all aspects of house extension applications, planning, designing, building and more. There is also a Case Studies section which includes features written by people with real-life experiences, both good and bad, of the process of getting an extension added to their home.

As well as detailed information, plus the advice and support of others who have had similar experiences, the new House Extension Online will also host a Supplier Directory, featuring a broad range of builders and suppliers of materials and relevant services. Companies can choose whether to have a brief listing or a more detailed profile. One of the consistent messages that House Extension Online endeavours to get across is the importance of getting more than one quote from suppliers, in order to find the most competitive price. Each section contains information on how much a customer can expect to pay for a particular service, whether that be a for a whole house extension or the price of a new boiler, and throughout the website there are links to a relevant quote form. Thanks to Styles Creative’s expertise in lead generation, House Extension Online is now able to provide its users with more than just information, and has become a helping hand as well as an important staging post in the long and sometimes difficult process of getting house extension.