Magento Product PageBefore we even get down to answering the question, it is important you have an understanding on what Magento is all about. Magento is an open source, feature-rich, ecommerce solution that offers users complete control and flexibility over the content, look, and functionality of their website. Released in 2007, Magento has grown to be the best ecommerce solution in the world. Magento is 100% owned by eBay inc. and is being used by more than 26% of top 1 million websites. The advantages of using the platform are easily traceable and obvious, yet some of the advantages are partly hidden and you can only realise them after intense work with the software.

Below we highlight the reasons why you should choose Magento as the ecommerce solution for your business.

Open Source Platform

The term ‘open source’ means that there is no license fee for the software and since it is open source, the code can be modified/altered to add functionality and features for specific requirements. You can also install specific plug-ins or add-ons to your site as per your business needs.

Easier Site Management

Magento Admin
With Magento, you can rest assured of easy handling of multiple stores. You can manage all your stores from one admin panel – how great is that? Moreover, all customers and sales can be managed from one point. This in turn will save you a lot of time managing sales and placing orders. You will also enjoy other features such as multi-currency support, easy product browsing, shipping and order management, among many others.

Scalable Platform

As we hinted before, Magento can be modified and even moulded to anything you want it to be. The software easily adapts to your business requirements whether it is a small or large business. You can also mould it to adapt to sophisticated, simple or even complex business requirements. The software is highly flexible and scalable and can be easily customised to fit any business model. Working with our Magento expert team, you have the ability to expand the platform any way you like.

User Friendly

Magento ensures your products are well displayed so that your customers can enjoy a good buying experience. It ensures you end up with an effective layout that is easy to navigate. With the software, your visitors will be able to view product images and specifications, compare products and even share a product with a friend. All these features work in harmony, inspiring your visitors to make a purchase and even revisit the website.

Analytics and Reporting

Ecommerce Analytics

Using Magento, your site/store can be linked to Google analytics and the Google merchant center. These tools come in handy as they will help you keep track of your visitors and product impressions. Magento has inbuilt reports on search terms mostly used within your store, shopping cart abandonments, most viewed products, most bought products, among many others.

Magento Supports Mobile Commerce

Magento is integrated with HTML5 capabilities and with this, you can now offer your customers a better mobile shopping experience on a variety of devices and web browsers. You can also include features like drag and drop options and image scaling, among others.

Search Engine Optimisation

You need targeted traffic from the search engines to be able to sell products and there is no better way to that than using Magento. Search engines love Magento as it has very clean tags, URLs, and keyword descriptions. The software also has powerful tools such as Cross-Sells and Up-Sells that encourage visitors to order for more products.

Security and Payment Option

Payment Types
Magento is secure and the implementation of SSL security is easy. Your users will purchase from your store(s) with a sense of security. Magento also easily integrates different payment methods that allow you to accept payments from different processors like Visa, PayPal, and Google, among many others.

Magento Vs Shopify

Magento vs Shopify
When exploring the different ecommerce platforms available, you will no doubt come across another solution called Shopify.

Below we will explore some of the differences between Magento and Shopify including:


As an open source piece of software Magento has no license cost. Additional costs will include the web design, build, product population and hosting. Shopify is a hosted solution with a monthly fee dependant on the number of products in your store. One advantage of Shopify is the unlimited bandwidth you get and not having to purchase hosting. This might make a lot of sense if you sell a small range of products, but if you are selling a wide range of products, Magento is a much better solution and can be scaled as your business grows. Magento is clearly a better fit for anyone who is serious about running a successful online business.


Since Magento started out as an open source software, it is more flexible when it comes to adding additional features and functionalities. You can easily add plug-ins, add-ons, or apps to match your customers’ needs. Also, with Magento, you can easily monitor and control all your other Magento sites from one control panel.

Finally, though Shopify clearly also has its own advantages, Magento definitely takes the day as it is more flexible, easily integrates with eBay, and also comes with all the vital features necessary in building a successful business.

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