Facebook is a powerful tool for businesses to use to help expand their reach and customer base. The popular social networking site provides a range of tools and opportunities to help businesses increase their followers. One of these facilities is the ability to run competitions. Styles Creative regularly runs competitions on Facebook to enable clients to increase their brand awareness and social reach. These can be run on a regular or occasional basis through Facebook apps.

Examples of strong competitions

We ran a New Year competition for Manor House Fireplaces to win an electric stove worth £220. Each entrant had to tag Manor House Fireplaces and add the hash tag #newyearnewme to their resolution to be entered into the competition. This was also promoted on the Manor House website. Entrants could also enter via Twitter including the same hash tag. It was tweeted more than 2,900 times and by the end of the competition Manor House Fireplaces had increased their Facebook likes as well. The competition requested that the information be shared as well as liked, thus further expanding the reach the competition offered.

Darlings of Chelsea FacebookAnother example of a competition organised by Styles Creative was an opportunity to win a wooden growhouse and £25 to spend at Suttons Seeds, courtesy of Sheds.co.uk. The competition requested Facebook users to like the Sheds page on the social networking site and to answer the question they posed as well. This made it simple to enter, thereby attracting the largest number of likes and entries throughout the competition period. Indeed the competition was liked by more than 560 people, shared more than 500 times and the Facebook page received more than 600 comments. Clearly Sheds.co.uk was a winner here alongside the winner of the competition itself.

Darlings of Chelsea is another client that has really taken the power of competitions on board. They run a competition for their followers on a regular basis, listing each one on the dedicated competitions page on their website. Again specific actions were requested to enter each competition – to like their Facebook page and share the link with friends. This expands the potential of the competition and enables the client to reach many more people than if they simply requested a like. Here we also requested people follow Darlings of Chelsea on another social networking site, either Twitter or Google+. The final step was to answer the relevant question provided. At the time of writing Darlings of Chelsea is celebrating more than 10,000 likes on Facebook, due in part to the success of these competitions we run for them.

In each case the client was able to maximise the promotional abilities each competition provided them with. By specifically requesting a series of actions be completed, the client was certain to benefit both in the short-term and the long-term.

Conversely though it is vital to ensure each competition is easy to enter. If the instructions are too complex few people will be inspired to complete them. The steps included in each example above were simple and took just a few seconds to complete. In addition the question required a personal answer rather than a specific right or wrong answer. This also helps engage more people. For example to enter for a prize of Amazon vouchers the entrants were asked what they would spend them on. This created further interest on the Facebook page as well.

Gaining maximum exposure of the competitions

Competition Websites
Cross-promotion is the first and most straightforward way to promote Facebook competitions. You can promote the competition on your Facebook page as well as on your website and other social media platforms. Each will link to the other so information on the latest competition is easy to find.

There is also the potential to promote them elsewhere on competition sites such as:

It is free to list giveaways etc on competition websites. They provide a series of terms and conditions you must meet in order to list your competition. Only one post per competition is allowed and you are required to add a welcome post in the forums prior to registering your first promotion. You must register before posting or listing competitions.

The advantages of creating competitions

Competitions can help you build you social following. They engage users and inspire them to share your site and Facebook page. Styles Creative can manage competition promotion on social media sites including Facebook and Twitter, to ensure you reap the best results from your efforts. As such you can expect the benefits of any one competition to last long past the closing date.

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