Search Engine Optimization (SEO), is a marketing technique used online to market and promote websites. For you to succeed in promoting your website(s) using SEO, you must be well informed on how it works, what visitors are searching for, the exact keywords to use, and which niches attract the highest traffic. The most popular search engines include Yahoo, Bing, and Google and for you to increase the visibility of your business website and make it more popular, improve its traffic, have it top ranked in the search engine results, online branding, and boost online sales then you need to learn all there is about SEO.

Some of the strategies that you need to employ in order to improve the performance of your website include conversion optimization, Meta tag development, SEM/PPC advertising, video marketing and blogging. Blogging is one of the most powerful ways through which you can strengthen the online presence of your business.

Establishment of Credibility and Authority

Right now there are so many people blogging and for a good reason. Putting a blog on your website and actively contributing pays off in a number of ways. Firstly, a blog helps you establish authority and credibility in your industry. Provided your blog is adequately designed, no one can tell how small or big you are through a blog. All people see is a credible individual writing authoritatively on a given subject. The time when blogs were used to give personal details about one’s life is gone. Today you can use a blog to establish credibility and share useful information about a particular subject. This at the same time helps in keeping your website updated at all times.

Creation of Extra Traffic

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Every blog you create becomes an extra web page in your site. Every additional web page on your website is a chance for you to increase your rank by providing solutions to some of the issues or questions that your clients might have. It goes without saying that higher ranking of your website directly generates extra traffic. A website selling a certain product with one page may not sell as much of the product as another website selling the same product but with more content. Consistent blogging therefore enables search engines to mark you as an authority on a certain topic/subject and consequently give you a better ranking.

Use of Social Media to Share Content

social mediaAs technology advances, blogging for SEO continues to become even more important. Today blogs are being promoted via social media. This is an effective way of enabling people to interact with you and your content. The social media is operational all the time and thus you can take advantage and share your content. Better still, you can submit your posts to other websites with a link back to your post. The more you blog, the more links you create, and the more the links you create the higher the search engine rankings. Remember sharing your blog posts through the social media could drive traffic your way through referrals.

Blogging acts as an Entryway to Your Website

Through blogging people get to know of your website. Blogging enables even those individuals who may not be interested in what you are selling at the time to know where to go the time they are in need of your product. Rather than searching randomly, people tend to visit a site they are familiar with or a site they feel has some authority. While some people will visit your blog, read a post and leave, others will explore it and start to engage. Chances of people engaging are limited when you do not have a blog.

What and How Much Should You Post?

blogging ideasIt is really important that you write quality blogs that are both informative and interesting to read. People are looking for information that they probably do not know. It is also good to remember that you might be passing on important information via your blog but if the writing style is not creative and interesting no one will read your posts. Update your blogs several times a week. If you are not available to do so it is always recommendable to hire someone to consistently update it for you.
Finally, for you to get the best out of blogging, you need to mix it with other methods like social media campaigns and, video tutorials and webinars.

If you are having a bit of a problem setting up a blog or you would like help blogging authoritatively, contact us today and we will help you out. We have helped so many businesses to get great traffic from blogs and you should benefit too!

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